Sandra Patricia Canon


Sandra was born and raised in Bogota- Colombia, where she studied Nursing over the course of an intensive 4-year program. After graduating, she worked in the clinical field as an operating room nurse, a sterilization nurse coordinator, and later as a surgical nurse coordinator in a private clinic downtown Bogota for 10 years.

Wanting to explore new career avenues, she then began to work in medical companies where she was in charge of the representation, distribution and sale of implantable medical devices, such as pacemakers for neurostimulation. Sandra provided hands-on, technical support to the surgeons and healthcare staff before, during and after surgical procedures.

Sandra arrived in Canada in February 2022. She was quickly granted equivalences for her diplomas from Colombia, awarded by the MIFI in Quebec. She joined our team in February 2023 and holds the position of sterilization technician where she enjoys the exposure to cosmetic plastic surgery. She is hard working, dedicated and motivated to continue learning new skills in our clinical environment.