Erwin Cabangon


Erwin Cabangon, is our skilled Support Technician with a background in Computer Science and Web Development. Originally from the Philippines, Erwin studied Computer Science with a Major in Computer Programming. Seeking to further enhance his skills and knowledge, Erwin pursued his studies in Networking and Technical Support in Montreal.

Erwin serves as a pivotal member of Clinique Le 1620 where he plays a crucial role in the clinic’s digital transition by efficiently encoding data and maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the facility. Erwin also takes charge of purchasing essential supplies for the clinic and assists with instrument washing and sterilization.

With his strong technical skills, an eye for detail and commitment to excellence, Erwin is an asset to the clinic. Always striving for professional growth and eager to make a positive impact, Erwin is a reliable and hardworking team member.

Passionate about sustainable transportation, Erwin commutes to work on an electric scooter. On his free time, he enjoys traveling around town and even shares his scootering adventures on his YouTube channel.