Facial Procedures
Aesthetic surgery of the nose or “nose job” is called rhinoplasty.

Its main purpose is to enhance facial harmony and improve the proportions of one’s nose relative to one’s face. It can also correct impaired breathing caused by structural defects in the nose. The combination of aesthetic changes to the visible portions of the nose, such as the dorsal hump, nasal tip, with improvement in breathing by way working on the internal, less visible nasal structures (septum, turbinates, internal or external nasal valves) is called a septorhinoplasty.

In addition to altering the shape of the nose, a rhinoplasty can often drastically improve one’s facial appearance and improve its balance and harmony by reducing or augmenting the apparent volume of the nose relative to one’s facial structure.

A rhinoplasty is performed either through incisions completely hidden within the nose (closed rhinoplasty) or with a small incision on the columella or vertical structure between your nostrils (open rhinoplasty). In both cases, they almost always require general anesthesia. The chosen technique, desired results and expected convalescence will be discussed with Dr. Gilardino during your consultation before selecting the ideal option for your nasal surgery. 


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