Dissolving HA Fillers


HA fillers can provide beautiful, natural results and remain a good non-invasive option for rejuvenating the face or enhancing facial features. However, some injection journeys don’t always go as planned and the result might require adjustments over time. 

In some cases, we also observed some less desirable events such as filler migration, nodules and in rare occurrences, infection. The good news is that HA injections are, for the most part, reversible. Allowing your injector to find the right balance and obtain the look you want. Here are some FAQ about dissolving fillers:

What do you use to dissolve fillers? Is that product safe? 

Fillers can be dissolved using a product called Hyaluronidase, which is the antidote to Hyaluronic acid.  For most people, it is complete safe and effective. However! For patients with bee allergies, a skin test must be done prior to using hyaluronidase as it may cause a reaction in certain patients. Therefore, for those patients with allergies, the question should ALWAYS be asked prior to injecting fillers, not only before using Hyaluronidase.

What are common areas treated with Hyaluronidase? 

Tear troughs are a very common area, as well as lips. Tear troughs are a difficult place to inject with filler and can cause a Tyndall effect and/or tissue edema. Some people start to notice the filler under their skin and/or observe the effect of dark shadows under the eyes. In those cases, patients often seek solutions to get rid of the product. As for the lip area, common complaints are migration, change in shape over time or unnatural-looking results. Lips can be reduced and returned to their natural state using Hyaluronidase. 

When can the patient start re-injecting these same areas after dissolving unwanted fillers? 

Once fillers are dissolved, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 2 weeks prior to reinjecting. For lips, using micro droplets is a good option to allow the filler that is newly injected and well positioned not to get dissolved again.  

For those who have been using HA fillers for a while, is melting all your fillers and starting “Fresh” a good approach? 

Not necessarily! HA fillers are naturally absorbed by the body and will eventually dissolve. However, if there is an indication such as migration or nodules, yes the concept of starting over with a different product or technique is at times recommended. 

A few additional notes from our nurse:

  • Large bolus size, age, patient’s particular’s condition, or type of filler product as well as the amount of filler per session can all contribute to filler migration. 
  • When done in a conservative way, fillers are still a very safe and an effective way to create or restore volume in the face using non-invasive / non-surgical techniques. 
  • There is a lot of information available online and on social media, but it is definitely recommended to book a consultation with a reputable practitioner if you are interested in dissolving fillers, so that all your questions can be answered, and an appropriate plan can be discussed.  
  • To maximize results and minimize migration, we also recommend using skin treatments (such as lasers or micro needling treatments) that help enhance the foundation and overall quality of the skin. Fillers can be used as the final touch to add some volume, lifting, hydration and youthfulness to the skin, enhancing your natural features in a more global approach to facial rejuvenation. 

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