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Dr. Gilardino and his team are pleased to have contributed to the development and happiness of many patients who have had a pediatric or cosmetic procedure.

With a goal of providing an exceptional experience and unique results, our team would like to thank all of our patients for their trust.

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A caring and professional nature

We were referred to plastic surgery at the montreal children’s for our 18 month old with congenital torticolis and Dr. Gilardino took care of things immediately. He demonstrated a caring and professional nature while ensuring us that our daughter would be in the best possible hands while undergoing a surgery to release the muscle.
We are absolutely shocked at how things have improved since the surgery and we cannot thank Dr. Gilardino enough.

- Anthony & Gillian Cianci

L’équipe de Dr. Giraldino est fantastique!

Je me suis sentie en confiance dès le premier rdv. J’étais très nerveuse avant de prendre la décision de procéder à une rhinoplastie, mais avec leur soutien tout s’est déroulé parfaitement et je suis super satisfaite des résultats.

Encore une fois un GROS merci!

- Patiente esthétique, rhinoplastie.

Réellement heureuse, un grand merci

Le Dr Gilardino a été attentif vis-à-vis mes besoins en plus d'être clair et rassurant dans ses explications (reliées à la procédure et au rétablissement). Quant à son équipe, celle-ci est agréable et professionnelle.
Le lendemain, après l'intervention, j'ai été étonnée de constater que ma posture était déjà plus droite. (C'était incroyable! Mais vraiment.) Et le rétablissement et la cicatrisation se sont faits en douceur. Quant au résultat de l'opération, ce dernier a dépassé mes attentes (qui étaient déjà hautes). Je suis extrêmement satisfaite du résultat tant sur le physique (soulagement), qu'esthétique. Le résultat est réellement « beau » (J'ai l'impression d'avoir de nouveau 20 ans, ce qui est quand même chouette). Cette opération m'a fait du bien, à bien des plans. Et je vous en remercie Dr Gilardino.

- Patiente esthétique, réduction mammaire et mastopexie.

I feel privileged to call him my doctor

He is the best! Very professional and at the same time very caring and personal. You never feel you are a number. If he feels you are going too far with a decision he will let you know. I feel privileged to call him my doctor.

- Female, 55, Mastopexy & Abdominoplasty

I felt like I was talking to family

His approach is first understanding what you are looking to accomplish and then providing you with recommendations. I went in looking to remove extra skin around my pectoral and lower abdominal area due to substantial weight loss. There was no pressure when dealing with him. I felt like I was talking to family. He had my best interest at heart and assured me that I was in good hands. He lived up to his assurances; my surgery was performed successfully and I feel better than ever, both physically and mentally. Dr. Gilardino’s success does not only come from his surgical skills, but from the great staff that surrounds him. His staff was there for me throughout the entire journey. Early mornings and weekends, always making me feel well taken care of. Special thanks to Nadia, Nakita and Meghan, you guys were great!

- Male, 35, Abdominoplasty & Gynecomastia

He works miracles on these children!

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Gilardino's for several years now (she was born with craniosynostosis). Not only is he great at what he does, but he also has the patient's best interest at heart. He is kind, empathetic and most of all, a great surgeon. He works miracles on these children! As well, his team is great! At every appointment, he has made us feel at ease and always answers all of our questions. Olivia will require touch-up surgery in a few years but we know she is in great hands! And as a parent, this is very comforting.

- Paediatric Patient's Parent

Il est doux et très professionnel

Dr. Gilardino m'a été référé par une amie et je ne suis pas déçu du tout d'avoir choisi lui et son équipe pour mon projet d'augmentation mammaire et abdominoplastie. Il a su me mettre en confiance, il est doux et très professionnel toujours disponible pour toutes inquiétudes. Le suivi après l’opération est très présent et rassurant. Dr Gilardino n'est pas seul à nous prendre sous son aile, que dire de Nadia… super gentille, elle prend de son temps personnel pour répondre à nos questions pour calmer toute situation stressante poste opératoire. J'ai que du bon à dire de la clinique. La guérison se fait super bien - les cicatrices bien, qu'elles soient encore rouges elles sont fines et bien fait. Juste Wow! Merci pour tout!

- Patiente, Augmentation mammaire & Abdominoplastie

He knows his craft like no one else

I had a breast reduction done by Dr. Gilardino. He took the time to answer all my questions ahead of time. Reassured me of post-op issues that may arise and was there for EVERY question. He knows his craft like no one else, has awesome bedside manners. He is human, personable and you can trust him implicitly. Thank you for everything you do Dr. Gilardino. Three years later and I still look good!

- Female, Breast Reduction

The best decision I have ever made

Having Dr. Gilardino perform my breast reduction was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Gilardino made me feel comfortable from the moment I met him. Beyond Dr. Gilardino, his team is nothing short of wonderful. The results of my surgery have far surpassed my expectations and I would highly recommend Dr. Gilardino and his team. This experience has truly changed my life and I am so thankful!

- Female, Breast Reduction

The results were noticeable immediately

My son David has been a patient of Dr. Gilardino's for several years. He has a genetic disorder that in his case caused a distortion of his face on one side. Every time we have met with Dr. Gilardino, he has shown David such kind and compassionate care. As David got older, the distortion was more noticeable and David became more self-conscious of it that daily life, especially at school became more difficult. Dr. Gilardino always explained to us exactly what surgery would involve. In August of 2016, he performed surgery on David, and the results were noticeable immediately. Now, David is no longer self-conscious of his appearance, and it has given him confidence. The surgery has completely changed his life and he is so pleased with the results. Dr. Gilardino, we can't thank you enough for what you have done for David.

- Paediatric Patient's Parent

Il m'a inspiré par ses compétences

En vieillissant, je devenais de plus en plus découragé et gêné de mon apparence. Au fur et à mesure, je remarquais mon cou qui devenait un véritable "cou de dindon". J'ai finalement décidé d'éliminer ce défaut qui me traumatisait. J'ai consulté trois chirurgiens et mon choix s'est arrêté sur le Dr. Mirko Gilardino. Non seulement il m'a inspiré par ses compétences, mais également par son côté humain. Il transmet une confiance en soi et il est à l'écoute de nos moindres soucis. Le résultat a été bien au-delà de mes attentes. Je me sens 10 ans plus jeune, plus confiant et fier de mon changement d'apparence. Mon entourage le remarque également. Je travaille dans le milieu de la vente et ce changement me donne un nouveau souffle. Un gros merci Dr. Gilardino ainsi qu'à votre merveilleuse équipe!

- Patient, 67, Mini Redrapage du cou

He told me to trust him

I went to Dr. Gilardino for a Rhinoplasty a couple years ago. I was convinced it was the tiny bump on my nose that was my source of insecurity. Dr. Gilardino told me his opinion was that it was the width of the bridge of my nose that bothered me and advised me against removing my little bump. He said it would not give me a natural appearance which he saw was important for me. He told me to trust him and if I wasn't happy he would redo my surgery and remove the bump! Needless to say, post surgery I was not happy to see my bump! I told myself I would wait a year to book my next surgery. Thank God I listened to Dr. Gilardino's advice because after my nose healed and the swelling went down, I realized he was right! I love love love my new nose, with the little bump and all. He's a professional.

- Female, 30, Rhinoplasty

You really can't be in better hands

I've had a terrible experience in the past with one of the top surgeons in Montreal and for years afterwards was afraid to trust surgeons again. Dr. Gilardino and his team have gone above and beyond to make me feel comfortable again; you really can't be in better hands. From the first appointment to meeting the exceptional surgical team on the day of, all of your needs/questions/concerns are met with what seems to be the highest level of excellence and professionalism. Dr. Gilardino has always been patient and honest with expected outcomes and has always taken the time to listen to me and any concerns I might have. As for the results, you can really tell you were in the hands of a perfectionist. Thank you for everything, and a special thank you to Nadia who really has a way of making you feel welcome.

- Female, 31, Breast Reduction, Revision of Scar et Rhinoplasty

I was in the care of a warm, attentive doctor

Dr. Gilardino is the best. He is surrounded by an incredible team. From the moment of my first appointment, I felt reassured that I was in the care of a warm, attentive doctor. He has a very calm nature, was very patient in explaining the different options available to me, and addressing my many concerns. He was very honest with me about the results I could expect, which I greatly appreciated. On the day of the surgery, he took the time to explain to me the procedure he would be performing. Overall, Dr. Gilardino is simply a kind, professional, talented doctor with amazing surgical hands. I am very satisfied with the outcome and recommend him without any hesitation. My words would not be complete without a last mention for the great service I had from the rest of the team, Nadia, you are the best.

- Nathalie, 46, Augmentation Mammaire

Je n'ai pas douté de ses compétences

Mon experience s'est bien passée du début à la fin en commençant avec Nadia, la coordonnatrice médicale, qui m'a gentiment informé du processus et m'a expliqué ce qui m'attendait à chacune des étapes. Sans délai et selon mes disponibilités, j'ai obtenu une consultation avec le Dr. Gilardino qui m'a expliqué ce qui pouvait être fait pour combler mes attentes. Le Dr. Gilardino m'a immédiatement inspiré confiance et je n'ai pas douté de ses compétences. Je me suis sentie bien à l'aise de retourner à la clinique pour revalider mon choix quelques fois avant le grand jour. Le jour de la chirurgie, j'ai revu le Dr. Gilardino et il m'a présenté à son équipe soit les infirmières et l'anesthésiste. Je suis clairement une cliente satisfaite du service obtenu et le résultat est spectaculaire!

- Patiente, 42, Augmentation mammaire

I have experienced nothing but excellence

I was completely impressed with Dr. Gilardino’s patience, knowledge, advice and most of all, honesty. His team also reflects his dedication, they are extremely helpful and warm, beginning with the delightful Nadia. I have experienced nothing but excellence with Dr. Gilardino and his team. Their professionalism and their follow-up post-surgery has a direct link to my speedy and positive recovery. Thank you Dr. Gilardino and thank you to his wonderful staff!

- Female, 53, Blepharoplasty and Laser Resurfacing

Un chirurgien de HAUT calibre!

J'ai été opérée pour une abdominoplastie le 7 juin 2017.... et seules les mains les plus habiles et expérimentées peuvent donner ce résultat! C'est tout à fait vrai Dr.Gilardino, mais quel beau résultat! Un beau ventre plat et ferme, il est parfait!! J'ai bien fais de vous faire confiance. Merci Dr. G, Nadia et à votre superbe équipe.

- Female, 56, Abdominoplastie

What an amazing Team!

Very privileged to have had Dr. Gilardino as my surgeon. He is very warm and makes you feel comfortable from the very first visit. He was very patient in answering all my questions and I always had a lot. He certainly is one of the best. He came very highly recommended by my GP. He has an amazing team working at his office. Stephanie always professional and Nadia always on hand to answer all my questions or concerns. Meghan very patient with me and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend that if you have to choose a surgeon, Dr. Gilardino is the best. Thank you to you and your amazing team for taking such good care of me.

- Female, 45, Bilateral Breast Reduction
Are you one of Dr. Gilardino's patients?
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