Facial Procedures
Blepharoplasty (upper and/or lower eyelid surgery)

Aging of the eyes, or a noticeably tired look, can be reversed with a blepharoplasty procedure. Unwanted changes include excess skin on the upper eyelids, bulging fat or deep/dark circles in the lower eyelid area. These changes can have a negative impact on the perception of facial aging with common complaints being a constant look of fatigue or sadness, despite an overall normally aging face. 

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which aims to correct heavy, wrinkled or baggy eyelids to provide a fresher, more youthful appearance to the eyes. It consists of removing excess eyelid skin, under eye bags or both,  while preserving one’s natural expression. 

A blepharoplasty can be performed along with other procedures to help counter the effects of facial aging. Eyelid surgery can be combined with face lifting, neck lifting or facial fat grafting to maximize facial rejuvenation results and minimize the need for additional procedures and downtime.

When performed alone, eyelid surgery is commonly done under local anaesthesia. There are several blepharoplasty techniques which result in nearly-imperceptible incisions when healed. Blepharoplasties usually require two weeks of convalescence.


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