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Facial rejuvenation continues to evolve with the introduction of new technology. Once upon a time our only tool was scar-based lifting but we now have an exciting new option.

Admittedly facelift and necklifting procedures continue to be the most powerful way to reverse the signs of facial aging such as jowling, descent of the cheeks, deepening of the facial folds and loose skin in the neck – this technique involves the creation of scars along the side of the face and ear, as well as along hairline behind the ear. Although these scars heal well, there is a growing population of patients who simply do not want scars despite the potential results, or cannot afford the typical downtime of a facelift which ranges between 3-6 weeks.

I now have an exciting new technique which gives patients the option of scarless facial rejuvenation for the neck and face. This new option is made possible by the strategic combination of state-of-the-art technologies and manual intervention, allowing me to produce impressive results without the need for visible scars.

By combining FaceTite (and Accutite) Radiofrequency based skin tightening with suture-suspension of the facial tissues for deep lifting, and Morpheus advanced microneedling technology for superficial skin tightening – I can achieve impressive results with about 2 weeks of downtime and no need for general anaesthesia. It is important to differentiate this comprehensive approach that combines multiple modalities and depths of treatment from suture suspension or “thread lifting” alone which is limited by its short-lived results. Alternatively, by combining multiple approaches to facial aging, we can expect to see about 4-5 years of improvement without scars!

Depending on your needs, I may add additional procedures such as Erbium-Yag laser resurfacing, removal of excess eyelid skin, lifting of the brow and volume restoration with fat grafting – all with the goal of comprehensive facial rejuvenation that produces incredibly natural results, short downtime and no visible scars.

As with all procedures, during your consultation I will discuss whether this option of non-scar-based facial rejuvenation is a reasonable option for you, based on your goals, budget, downtime restrictions and needs. While this does not replace my traditional approach to surgical rejuvenation of the face, it provides an amazing new option for patients – and one that is unique to my patients at Clinique Le 1620.

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