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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-invasive procedure which harnesses the body’s own healing and regeneration processes. PRP’s medicinal effect originates from a multitude of growth factors and signaling molecules found in platelets and blood plasma. PRP particularly appeals to patients looking for a natural treatment result without the use of foreign substances such as botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

Treatment applications

Skin rejuvenation
PRP is injected painlessly into the skin to initiate a regeneration process caused by the release of growth factors. PRP stimulates the breakdown of sun-damaged elements and induces the production of new collagen and the body’s natural hyaluronic acid . The result is an improvement in skin elasticity, volume and texture, as well as a reduction in fine wrinles. In addition to the skin of the face, PRP can provide improvement of the skin around the eyes, on the hands, on the neck and décolleté, and for striae distensae (stretch marks).

PRP is also ideal for combination skin treatments following a laser resurfacing or Fractora (RF microneedling) procedure. In studies, PRP following laser treatment or microneedling accelerated the healing overall and led to better clinical results and higher patient satisfaction compared to these procedures alone.

PRP in the facial region typically causes little or no downtime, with only mild redness or swelling (much like Hyaluronic acid fillers) for 24 hours or less. For the treatment of lower eyelid wrinkling and darkness, impressive results are possible with less that 72 hours of visible swelling. To maximize the results, the treatment should be repeated 4 weeks following the first session and then repeated annually.

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Androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata (hair loss)
PRP injected into the scalp is a treatment option for hair loss. PRP stimulates the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells in hair follicles as well as activating the dormant hair follicles. Clinical studies have shown a significant increase in the diameter and thickness of the hair. In addition, PRP has been demonstrated to produce clinically better results compared with minoxidil, one of the most widely used hair loss medications. Three to four sessions separated by 4 weeks are generally required for hair loss and should be repeated annually thereafter to maximize results.

Clinique le 1620 uses the Arthrex Personalized Cell Therapy (ACP) system to produce highly concentrated and effective PRP for patient treatments. This system is unique in that there are no chemicals added to the process like most other systems, yielding a purer product.

The clinical efficiency of this composition of PRP (ACP) has been demonstrated in an FDA-approved study. In addition, the literature describes how the secretion of autologous hyaluronic acid is stimulated effectively by a platelet concentration in this range, providing impressive skin rejuvenation results.

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