Aesthetic Procedures

Face Lift

The surgical procedure aimed at rejuvenation of the unwanted features of the aging face is a face lift (“rhytidectomy”).

Facial aging affects everyone differently and depends on a number of factors including skin quality (thickness, genetic factors, sun damage or exposure, smoking history, etc.) and facial volume (loss or gain of facial and neck fat deposits). Thus, although facial ‘lifting’ is commonly thought to involve surgical removal of sagging or excess skin (most often seen in the jowl and neck regions), a modern face lift addresses all aspects of facial aging.

To that end, a face lift may include the typical skin excision to address major skin descent and deep wrinkles (with scars that are neatly concealed around the ears and posteriorly in the hairline), as well as fat grafting to restore volume to cheeks, the cheek/eyelid junction (tear trough) and lower face. Furthermore, it is possible to add laser or chemical resurfacing of the skin to the procedure in order to improve fine wrinkles, texture and pigmentary changes (unwanted brown or aging spots).

The optimal surgical plan will be determined following your consultation to identify your personal goals and needs for facial rejuvenation.

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