Aesthetic Procedures

Brow Lift

The upper face or forehead is also subject to changes related to aging. This area is often overlooked and can be an important contributor to an aged appearance. With age, our forehead skin and brow relaxes and descends. We compensate by actively raising our brow by contracting the frontalis muscle contained within the forehead – the result are dynamic forehead wrinkles.

While neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport) are commonly used to combat these age-related changes, surgical brow lifting (forehead lift) is another effective procedure to provide more permanent and significant forehead rejuvenation. Brow lifting is commonly performed at the same time as a face lift and/or neck lift with incisions that are concealed within the hair.

During your consultation for surgical facial rejuvenation, the option of brow lifting will be discussed depending on your goals and needs.

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