Aesthetic Procedures

Breast Lift

Another commonly performed procedure is a breast lift or “mastopexy”. This procedure refers to the tightening of the breast envelope and the lifting of the position of the nipple-areolar complex. Aesthetically, the nipple should sit at or above the inframammary fold. Weight loss or gain, rapid breast growth and pregnancy are all possible causes of breast ptosis or the descent of the breast and nipple below the inframammary fold.

A breast lift will lift and tighten the breast to provide a more youthful and aesthetic appearance to the breast mound and nipple-areolar complex (which is often reduced to improve the balance). This is done with incisions that are placed in various patterns on the breast that minimize their visibility.

Occasionally, a minor lift can be achieved with an implant alone (breast augmentation) as the volume of the implant can help to fill a loose breast envelope and provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, in patients with more significant skin excess and breast descent (ptosis), a breast lift with skin tightening and nipple repositioning is required.

The insertion of an implant (combined mastopexy/breast augmentation) to provide additional volume can be achieved if needed or desired.

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