Aesthetic Procedures

(Eye-lid Surgery)

Aging of the “eyes” is often the result of unwanted changes of the upper and lower eyelids including excess skin, bulging fat or deep/dark lower eyelids. This can have a significant negative impact on the perception of facial aging with common complaints being a constant look of “fatigue” or “sadness” despite an overall normally aging face.

That is, some patients age more quickly around the eyes than in the rest of the face, forehead or neck. That being said, being said blepharoplasty can be, and is commonly performed along with other procedures to correct facial aging in including face lifting, neck lifting or facial fat grafting and to maximize the aesthetic improvement and minimize the need for additional procedures and downtime.

When performed alone, eye-lid surgery is commonly done with local anaesthesia (without general anaesthesia). There are a number of blepharoplasty techniques that utilize incisions that are nearly imperceptible when healed. Most involve removal or tightening of the upper and/or lower eyelid skin and either removal, addition or redistribution of orbital fat.

The optimal plan can be discussed in detail during your consultation for facial rejuvenation.

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